Between two boys. What should I do?

I had met 2 boys online. One a month ago, and we are "intimate", and decided that we'll see how things get. but then he stop texting me and I just thought he wasn't that into me, so I decided to move on. So i started to talk to other guy I met, not looking nothing specific, just hang, and he turn out to be awsome, we talk every day and we have so much in common. And then the first one came around, so this is so conffusing. Should I stop texting the first one, even though I kinda have some feelings for him, or should I wait till see what happens and when I feel ready choose? I don't wanna hurt anybody, but It's probable that the second one fits more for me, but I still don't have any feeling for him..


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  • Between two boys. What should I do?

    Use plenty of lube. Try to relax. Enjoy.

    • Hahaha, I laugh so loud :p

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    • It's not surprising, There are just a lot of Americans who say they are from other countries so I wasn't sure.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Play them against each other


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