Why do girls want this?

Attention! There are a bunch of girls i know that I am friends with that have boyfriends/married, but I feel like they just want my attention. Like one of them has a serious boyfriend, but she does crazy things to get my attention, but things will never get past friendship because she has a bf. What is this?

I also have a very pretty married friend that sends super mixed signals. Doe she just want attention too?

I feel like these girls want to flirt or know that I"m into them, but won't take it further. What is the point? Why do they do this?


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  • Because they like feeling wanted. Maybe they don't feel valued enough by their significant other and are looking for that reassurance from you. What signals do they send/crazy things they do to get your attention?

    • Ah where do I get started and which girl... Why do that want this from me? Because they like me?

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    • Mad at you for bringing up other girls/probably felt you didn't like her like she liked you since you started avoiding her. She probably felt like there was no hope for the two of you

    • But she's married... I mean what does she expect?

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