He hasn't contacted me. Has he forgotten me?

So I am talking to a guy that is 30 and I am 21. He is really sweet and respects me (he even tells me he respects me and treats me as such). He flirts with me when we have conversations via text or Skype. Oh and yep this is distance big time. Also no we did not meet online but in person and got to know each other. I am visiting him in a different state in march. He seemed very excited and wants to take me on a date and we even talked about maybe having a relationships. We are not trying to move fast ^_^.

I think the reason that he doesn't contact me as much is b/c he is a pro athlete and trains a lot. But I wish that he will initiate sometimes. He tells me to call him b/c he doesn't want to bother me during my studies. And when I do initiate he contacts me right away and seems really excited.

I am inexperienced in all of this relationship stuff. I don't know whats good or bad. Or whether more contacting should be happening or if this is normal. What is your take on this and what should I do? Thank you so much for your time and your advice ^_^.

He is mexican and I am black lol Sooo he speaks Spanish and a moderate amount of English and I speak moderate Spanish and fluently in English . I have no clue if this is a factor but I am putting it out there.


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  • I'm going through a very similar situation. It was going great with this guy, and he mentioned that he wants to take me on a date soon. But ever since he's been in california visiting friends, he hasn't contacted me. I'm hoping its just because he's busy. Plus guys dont take texting as seriously as girls do. Maybe he assumes you already know he's into you, and he doesn't need to put in as much effort anymore. I'm so inexperienced so I have no clue either :( hoping for some good responses from some guys on here.

    • i'm half black and the guy I'm talking to is half mexican. Kind of a coincidence :)

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    • well its up to you. I mean.. I really do not know this guy very well only you do. You can play it cool too. It is whatever puts you in the advantage or makes you feel comfortable.

    • And thank you :)