I'm bad/new with this whole relationship thing, is this relationship just doomed to fail?

To sum up this girl, I know she likes me. I know she cares. She's just terrified of commitment and I'm having a tough time trusting her again.

This is take 3 on dating, the first try being roughly 3 years ago. I was her first boyfriend, we were together for about 5-6 months before she freaked out about the commitment and we both jumped ship back to non-serious hookups. She tried to get back together with me last year... but timed it when my grandfather died, and did not handle things well. Take 2 lasted all of a week before we weren't talking again. It wasn't until she chased me down, broke down crying in front of me and all my friends and apologized repeatedly that I forgave her and started talking again.

She asked to try again. This time around she's been much more openly affectionate. For the last month she's seemed to be crushing on me hard, everything I said was funny, she was constantly staring at me, pulling me aside for kisses, even making handmade gifts (this was new). I shot down sex to begin with, she was totally fine with it. This last week she introduced me to her parents. New Years eve she asks if I can come over at 3am (she'd been with her brother for the new year celebration, who's deploying for 9 months)... but I'm fast asleep.

I try to arrange seeing her yesterday as I didn't have to work, she says to come by around 9 for a movie/wine... and instead of the sexy time I assumed us finally having she instead gets mostly naked before saying she wants to wait til we've dated longer

I say OK, we start cuddling for a bit, but worried now I ask if she's still ok with us dating, that I'm still worried that she'll just wake up one day and say she can't handle this again and I'm just sh*t out of luck.

She is still ok with it, but in her own words it's weird to her to not be single. She's not sure herself how long she can handle it but likes me and has liked me for years, she doesn't want to hurt me.

Are we just doomed? Or am I overreacting?


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  • She doesn't deem to be relationship material at the moment.


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