Should I stop initiating?

There's this guy I've known for some time, but this semester we started seeing each other a lot more. He almost never initiates any hangouts or texting... I have initiated maybe 10 times. He's texted me first maybe 5 times while I have about 15 times. He did say he's not much of a texter. It's annoying because sometimes he'll go where he knows I'll be so that we can "accidentally" run into each other and hang, or he'll bring up a topic in which it's obvious that he's trying to get me to initiate hanging out (ex: saying he has spare movie tickets, but waiting for me to ask to come), but other than that, he hardly upfront asks me to hang. He mostly only texts me when I haven't texted him in awhile.

I guess what I'm asking is if he's just really shy or just being nice to me? He pretty much always says yes if I ask him, unless he's working or has some other really important commitment.


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  • I think he is shy... perhaps just say "I like you... initiate please" but perhaps a little less bluntly!


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  • if you're interested in hanging out outside of school, go for it. he will either respond the way you want, or he won't. so if he doesn't respond the way you want, then you'll know he's not worth pursuing. it might not be easy but it's better than waiting for something that may never happen.

    • we do hangout outside of school and he almost always says yes unless he has a good reason (work for example). I know that he'll say yes. I guess what I'm asking is should I continue to initiate or am I just wasting time? I wonder if he actually likes me more or just as a friend.

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