Super confused, could I possibly get the love of my life?

So I've been madly inlove with this guy I've been best friends with for alittle over two years. Recently he has been asking me to spend more time with me I'm talking he can't go more than a day with out talking to me, he has been saying little jokes like "can we just date already" but I can't tell if he is serious and he will watch for my reaction if He brings up another girl. He also has gotten more touchy feely and he has been showing me different sides of him. He insists on paying for me and will bring me random little presents when we hang out like candies a teddy bear etc. However if he likes me he will make a move right? He would ask me out? Also how could it affect our friendship I couldn't handle losing him, though he is everything I have always wanted I love him. What should I do? Should I ask him? Why was he acting that way? Is he playing?

Also our friendship started off with him being my friends with benefits and being my first for almost everything I still have my vcard, lately we haven't been hooking up, our hang outs have been hanging out in public and just sitting back and talking. He remembers everything about our first kiss and will recite everything that happened that night and ask if I remeber it too. I just love being around him and when I tell him I enjoy his presence he says he feels the same


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  • It seems like he feels the same way but is in the same position as you where he's not sure ho to change the nature of your relationship. Some guys won't make the first move so you might have to

    • Thank you!!! I mean he has been hinting at dating in passing comments but I just assumed they were jokes and slightly passed them off so I feel like he won't make any serious move until I make a move, however the awkward part is we started off as friends with benefits but we haven't really hooked up in alongtime yet he remembers all the details to our first kiss

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  • "However if he likes me he will make a move right?"

    Not necessarily. Maybe he's too nervous to ask you out. Maybe he doesn't think you like him that way. Maybe he's scared of messing up the friendship he already has with you.

    The next time he says "can we just date already", reply with "Sounds good to me. How about this Friday , 7pm?"

    • Thank you so much! I'll definetly try that!

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