Do you think this is wrong?

So I like this guy.. And he likes me. But he's 3 years older than me, and we've been hangin out a lot lately. People are starting to notice us and the both of us are getting a little bit of hate. What do you guys honestly think?


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  • what are your exact ages?

    if you're underage, it's understandable in honesty... if not then, fuck them, you're doing what you're doing..

    • I'm fifteen he's eighteen, but we aren't together and we haven't done anything we've just been hanging out.

  • The very fact that you're asking is this wrong should tell you somethining... dah... he's an adult and you are a minor... I know , you think your different , and I know you think you got somethin special... heard it a million times... your a sweet young thing and he wants to tear it up... plain and simple... he won't have nothin to do with you in a year or two... get ya some of that


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