Was she hitting on me?

So my buddy and I are at the bar and we start talking to these two super cute (hot) girls. The girl I am talking to is Romanian. I am kind of seeing someone so I backed out of this conversation quickly. I was trying to play wingman for my buddy. SO I say to this girl "oh you're Romanian, you must be really good at gymnastics" lol, and she says "no, but I'm VERY flexible..." lol. I was like "whoa!" I need to get out of here! Lol. Was she hitting on me?


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  • Why did you need to say that to her anyway? It's obviously a sexual connotation and you know it. You were hitting on her, and she was hitting on you.

    • Haha because I thought it was funny, but then she said that and I was like whoa! lol

      Wait, what I said was sexual?

    • Put it this way, it would be like asking a black man if he is good at basketball and flirting at the same time, it is slightly sexual when you think deeply about it.

    • What?

  • I thinks she was just trying to make a conversation


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