Am I a cry baby or not?

I cry and whine about a lot of things. My boyfriend puts up with a lot of it. We started talking about pineapples an I whined about it.


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  • Sweetheart I'm gonna be honest with you... Suck it, nobody likes a cry baby and I can promise you that one day all the whining is gonna run your bf away.

    • Maybe yours...

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    • I have the right to express my emotions. No one fucking likes it than they don't have to be around. I'm not begging anyone to stay.

    • Calm down, I was just saying I've seen it happen... If your bf doesn't mind you getting upset over pineapples and everything else that's him.

  • You did just admit to crying and whining about a lot of things, so you probably could be considered a "crybaby" by many people. If you wanted go change that, I would tell you to always think before you speak and to just cap a filter on your mouth and think about whether you really want to complain about pineapples lmao

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