Should I be embarrased to tell my girlfriend I have narcolepsy?

I have a sleeping disorder called narcolepsy, and been narcoleptic now for going on 15 years. Some people don't understand and there's a stigma attached to it. An ex left me once because I "slept too much" and claimed I had no time for her, whatever.
I am prescribed adderall (an amphetamine) to keep me from falling into deep R. E. M. sleep unanounced.. which has happened before while driving, but the meds aren't always effective. The girl I'm dating now makes comments like " Why are you tired all the time?" and it's frustrating cuz I want to tell her why but I am tired of getting the cold shoulder by people.
I'm sure she thinks i'm lazy or depressed and i'm really not. We went to see a movie last night and I fell asleep not even half way in and when i woke I could tell she was irritated. Any ideas?

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  • I would most certainly tell her. She most likely does think you are lazy or depressed in the "back" of her mind. Not telling your romantic partner about something this serious, can most definitely affect your relationship in the long term.

    When you do talk to her about it, she will most likely have a lot of questions. Your girlfriend is with you because she really likes you for you, or even loves you for you. I'm sure telling her that you have experienced narcolepsy for the past 15 years will solve a lot of her hidden questions.

    Of course she was irritated when you fell asleep at the movies. The movies is a romantic thing for couples to do (usually), and when one partner falls asleep, or constantly is texting, etc. it's going to be irritating.

    Talk to her. It will lift a lot of weight off your shoulders, and I'm sure it will better your relationship.


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  • Just be open and honest about it. It would be something you need to tell her so she doesn't think you find her so boring that you fall asleep every time she talks. I'm sure she will understand and you'll have a better relationship for it.


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  • Holy shit, I'd be scared to death if I had to drive with that condition. O_O

    You should probably tell her you're narcoleptic, but also explain how it works, because not everyone knows. Even I'm not sure if you react with sleep only to heightened emotional responses, although that's what I learned about it in theory.

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