I like a girl but she has a boyfriend also she knows that I have a girlfriend, What can I do to get her?

She is being friendly to me we also had some good conversations and some fun text. Now I want to take the next move but have no idea what to do.
If she wants us to break up with our partners first or see each other behind their back I'm with her decision because I think she's worth.

I didn't ask this question to get your hate but to get help so please don't be offensive or don't answer at all.


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  • Try swapping girlfriends. You give your girlfriend to a girl's you like boyfriend and he gives his girlfriend (that you like) to you. Win win situation!

    • It could be a way but not my type.

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  • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1276236-how-to-break-up-with-the-other-girl-without-let-her-to-tell-my

    I doubt that you can really get so many girls.
    And just so you know, being friendly doesn't mean she likes you enough to dump her boyfriend.

    • Lmao I was just about to reference that! :P

    • Its a long story but to make it short I was what you call NICE GUY until I decided to change and go for new experiences and then heard about the GAME and trying it now. But who knows maybe get tired maybe find someone who I really love one day but right now it is what makes me feel better.

  • You do nothing. She has a boyfriend. And you have a girlfriend. Dont' be a pig.

    • What if their relationship is not working well or they see no future together? Also I'm not happy anymore with my girlfriend.

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  • No idea, dude.

  • seeing each other behind your partners back is called cheating which = you and her are assholes who deserve to be together if you do think thats ok.. talk it out with you partners I've you don't have feelings any more you should tell them.. :3

    • Talk to my girlfriend first has the risk of losing them both, I rather to make it clear with this girl first and then take the next move base on her decision.

    • wow :3 you're an ass please dump your girlfriend then ask the other girl out you will be a total asshole if you ask out the other girl she says no and you carry on with your current relationship, i hope you can never forgive yourself and it rips your soul apart :)

  • Rip your genitals off and give them to her in a jar, you'll win her heart that way and your current gf will get a laugh out of it, as will the girl's bf.