She said she was down for a third date on a Friday but what happened?

Ok so me and this girl had been dating for about two weeks we were going on our third date and I was going to ask her to be in a relationship with me without her knowing. She was down to go on the date she seemed very exited to the point I never saw it coming. When that Friday came she called and said she was busy but she would be ready in an hour. Well an hour passed nothing two hours nothing three nothing still another and nothing so i finally decided to send her a text if she was canceling or what she did not reply. I called her to see if her phone was on and it was but my calls kept ringing all the way through and going to voicemail which told me it was not dead . Well she texts me till 5 hours later that she was with her brother eating and well I broke up with her after she told me that what do y'all think did I do the right thing she said she had left her phone in the car on accident but I mean come on she knew we where going on a date. So tell me what y'all think was she cheating she does have a baby dad fyi but yea let me know both sexes are welcomed


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  • I dont know if she was cheating, but she lying to you and intentionally did you badly.

    • I know man. I think I was right she keeps saying I was wrong though cause she was being completely honest

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    • well you can tell her that being 5 hours late was rude... why did she do that? IF she won't apologize or tell you the truth, then you absolutely know the truth that she is not interested.

    • True but she still would text me she missed me and loves me I just blew her off and told her if she really did she wouldn't have stood me up so bye Felicia haha she got mad but oh well fuck her