Is it disrespectful that my friend hangs out with someone I am interested in like this?

Friend and my ex lover/friend (not sure what to call him) seem to be getting close?

My friends and I me this guy. He is slowly coming into our group.

He and I had a night together but decided not to take it further because we did not want to complicate things. still kind of like him though. Apparently he says it was an awesome night, it did not feel like a mistake, we just got caught up in the moment. I felt that exact same way about what happened.

He and my other friend have kids the same age. They both say they mainly hang out for them because the kids get along well.
Fair enough.

He had nothing else on and tagged along with me, to my friends family thing. New Years Eve. So now he has met most her family to. Got along well with her sisters and their partner.

We are all single. Can't help but feel a bit of competiveness going on or if it is all in my head? I have asked her if she likes him but she says he is not her type.

Am I over reacting here? We have never had male friends before so it is all a new thing. She is newly single as well and not sure what she is like when it comes to these type of things. Think it is more I have seen what she has done while drinking and stuff and know how much she likes male attention that worries me. She can't control it when she drinks.

I have asked him if he was keen to hang out without her this year cause we are mates to. He said yes which is cool.

It is cool they get along and stuff but she knows that I am still kind of interested.

He keeps inviting himself to our things so it is not like this is all her doing he just wants to meet new people.

She also asked if she could flirt with him. At first I said yes cause he and I are not serious but later said no cause that ends up leading to something.

After that she goes "okay so he is off limits then?" WTF? I slept with the guy. You would think she would automatically know that.

He and I are fine when we hang out alone, without her together. Feel like things are getting complicated because of her.

Not sure why she does not just back off.


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  • I think so, yes. It's disrespectful