How can I meet more girls?

For the past few months I've been talking to this girl I liked, but due to a combination of me not making any moves (I'm super shy/over think everything) and her treating me bad (randomly avoiding and ignoring me) I don't think it's going to lead anywhere.

So how do I meet more girls? Here's some basic info if it helps:

-I'm 19

-Live in a small town

-Sophomore at a community college (which I'm currently on winter break from)

-Work at a small, crappy movie theater (no single female employees)

-Work as a lifeguard in an apartment complex in the summer

-Volunteer firefighter in my town

-Not athletic at all

-Don't have "real life' friends. My current group of "friends" is a bunch of guys I met online in Call of Duty a couple years ago (not something I'm proud of). I have a few acquaintances from highschool that I occasionally will see around town or at college, but no one that I ever hang out with.

-Extremely lazy/a procrastinator, which is the reason I do poorly in school

-Spend most of my time playing video games, drawing/painting, or going online.

-Not really into partying/drinking

SIDE QUESTION: How can I become more confident with girls? I'm perfectly comfortable with having a conversation with one. But when it comes to big things like leaning in for a kiss, telling them I like them, or even approaching one for the first time, I chicken out and don't do it. The only reason me and this girl have been talking for the past few months is because she randomly messaged me on Facebook one day.


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  • meet girls at volunteering or change the place you volunteer a place you are likely to volunteer with more girls going clubs at school hang with you friends and ask them to bring their female friends.


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