I've never been like this with someone, does he feel the same?

I like him so much in my eyes he's incredibly handsome and such a sweet person. Whenever we see eachother i grin a lot and he does too. he's older than me (in his early 20s). I feel so happy when i talk/text him. I have no idea how he feels though and i dont want to ask because i dont want him to think im tying him down. Does he like me?


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  • I don't know. You have to ask him. But that feeling your describing is called love, my young friend.

    • But dude i can not ask him it would ruin everything. How do you know the person feels the same without asking? It would suck so bad of he didn't feel how i feel

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    • So i should just say something? And yeah he'd have to wait for me. Okay well ill see what i can say to make him know how i feel but not in a too direct way. Good?

  • Now get closer to him test him and list some of the things you've done and how he reacted to them and we might be able to figure it out :)


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