How to ask this girl out?

I met this girl on new year eve. We texted a day after but I didn't want to invite her on date right away in order for us to meet us better. I planned to invite her out tommorow.

Since we are on same college today she texted me if I can send her solution of some task and she wondered if I maybe know solution. I know solution but I didn't answer her yet cause if I help her then when I ask her out it would make influence and she might think she have to go out with me cause I helped her. Again if I dont help her she will think I am some kind of jerk or not smart enough.. Yes, I know I probably had to invite her out right away, when we had a really great conversation.


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  • Thats realy not a big deal, just text her or call her, if she is interested in you she will go outa with you. You can just mention that you have solution while talking whit her (not best at english) ( :

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