Spending less time- from 3 nights a week to once a week. Wondering if this sounds normal?

I've been seeing a guy (38) for 2.5 months that I've known for a year. I'm 33. For several weeks I slept over 2x a week, plus a Fri or Sat. Sometimes he just wants to sleep/cuddle. The week before Christmas, after a Mon sleepover, I noticed he flirted less & made no mention of seeing me again. We talked just as frequently. On Thur I suggested hanging out after the holiday party or Fri. At the end of the party, he said he was tired and asked to see me Fri instead. It was the first time he didn't invite me over after an event. He asked if everything was OK with me. I suggested we talk on the phone about what was on our minds. After airing out my concerns, we had a fun convo that lasted hours. He seemed sincere when expressing how strongly he felt. He said he would like to see this turn into a relationship. I felt the same. He said he acted weird because he was depressed lately and holidays made it worse.) The next day, he asked for space. After 2 days, he explained that after sleeping on it, he realized it hurt and bothered him that I had all these assumptions about him. He felt caught off guard. (It's true, I screwed up.) He seemed satisfied with my damage control because he asked me to come right over to cuddle. Since then, our chats/phone convos have been back to normal. Except, he's still seeing me less. We saw eachother only the last 2 Mondays. Here it was Friday and he hadn't mentioned seeing me again. I asked when he's free. He said,"I would love to see you this weekend, Sunday sound good?" He said he felt bummed and needed to get into a better headspace. I would have thought a sleepover and brunch would help him feel better. Does it sound like an an excuse to see me less or normal for depression? (We missed the last two Sat/Suns. I was out of town and the weekend before that he wanted space). What about seeing me less in general? Could it be a normal break after seeing eachother too much? Should I leave it to him to firm up plans for tomorrow (Sun)?

It's 7pm. I just asked him how he's feeling and he said "I'm doing okay and just relaxing. You?" I said "good, just seeing how you're doing because you weren't feeling great yesterday." He said,"Aw, thanks, better. : ) you're so sweet." So why isn't he trying to see me tonight? Why isn't he mentioning tomorrow? This sounds like beginning of a fade out, right?


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  • He actually does sound depressed, he doesn't sound like he's ready to be in a relationship to be honest. He needs to work on his issues it's not your job to prop him up all the time. What about what u want? Don't sacrifice your hopes and dreams for him = disappointment