How to make her feel "loved"?

Most of my girlfriends and attempts at one ended badly with me being accused of not loving her enough. But I did my best, told my best jokes and put effort into it.

But it never seemed to be enough. As soon as I started doing something new and interesting she would get bored again. Next I tried more and she got bored again.

So eventually I changed my tactic and when I saw that she took me for granted I started giving less and teaching her to appreciate the stuff I do for her.

So what can I do guys? Sometimes I end up being too nice other times to much of a jerk.


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  • You have to find out and understand what "feeling loved" means to the individual woman, we're all different and love means something different to us all. To feel loved by a man I would want and need him to treat me in a way that is different for another woman and how she would feel loved. One way won't work for every woman.


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