Should you be wary of a girl off a dating site giving her number away instantly?

Sometimes when I use dating sites, I'll talk to a girl and she'll give me her number within a day or two of talking and then it'll end quickly. I'm not sure what the cause is because it could be different for each one that's done that but from my experience, women who show a lot of interest quickly end to lose it quickly. Should I be wary or am I reading into this too much?


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  • Well it's not safe to give your number easily... I wouldn't even try a dating website.. they hide many dangers (I know that from friend's experience)

    • What kinda dangers? I'm sure they're out there though I haven't experienced any, well except for a girl I met who admitted she was in rehab for heroin. I ended that quickly.

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    • Lol pubs aren't good places either unless you're just looking for a hookup. Women have their guard up at bars even more.

    • Oh.. well you get what I want to say..

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