Having a third wheel. is it a date or group activity?

My gf and i are going to the movies and she told me her sister is tsgging along. i dnt feel like its a date anymore and not obligated to pay for her ticket cause its more like a group activity. should i still pay for my gf food and ticket or let all of us pay for ourselves?


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  • Pay for it - this time only.

    • I pay for girl everything we do. but i told her if its not a date anymore then i should feel obligated to pay. she got bothered by it.

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    • Don't be a jerk about this, just be firm.

    • you're right. im over thinking. ill be firm. thank you.

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  • I don't really find it to be a date anymore. Perhaps if you guys haven't been dating for very long, she's jusy nervous and needed some support. Personally, if a girl or guy I was dating did this to me, I wouldn't consider it a date any more. I would expect them to pay for their ticket and what not. I hope that isn't rude. Lol

    • I dnt think its rude. my gf got bothered by it cause i told her i wnt pay. i said that it doesn't feel right because her sister would feel bad watching me treat my girl and she treats herself

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  • If you can afford it offer to pay for everybody's food and show tickets. You'll be held in high esteem and your girl will be very proud of you. If you can't really afford it then negotiate.

    • I can afford it but they can afford it themselves to. i pay for everything when itcomes to my gf but if its a date then i dnt think im obligated to pay. why would my gf get everything free if its a group activity while everyone else pays for themselves?