If I am a sentimental person what kinda of guy should I look for?

I get really emotional and I tend to be a deep thinker with matter of the heart. What kind of guy should I look for?


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  • I would suggest a hopeless romantic guy like me. We're rare but we exist.

    • what a hopless romantic and how do you become one? What are you like?

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    • @ArchDruidMordred lol I don't think theirs a guy like that lol and how do I tell if their like me?

    • It's very hard to tell because most guys like that usually won't approach you. It's obvious that you're relatively new to the English language and thus to American/English ways of thinking as a whole thus I feel that it is important for me to tell you that in America/western Europe young men are raised to believe that romance does not work when trying to attract women and will only get them in the so-called "friend zone" or a state of being where you are attracted to a women but she doesn't feel the same way. Young men are instead raised to believe that showing arrogant and manipulative behavior is the only way to achieve popularity with women, thus men who refuse to be arrogant and manipulative are advised NOT to approach a women because apparently they will immediately be rejected.

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