Have you ever liked someone and actually made a move?

Just to go along with my other question i had asked about liking someone, and not making a move.


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  • Yes I asked him to be my bf. He said no:)

    then he said he had to think about.

    Then he asked me to be his gf. He left it written on a washable marker on my towel on a chair when I was swimming laps.

    He wasn't really playing games it's just hed asked me out a bunch of times and I didn't realize he was you know " asking me out" so I was oblivious. Tbh I still don't really remember I just have to take his word fir it... But we're really happy and very much in love but I think we had feelings for each other before we got together so it happened pretty easily. Some bumps and hiccups bc im crap at expressing my feelings and he tries but he's not great at telling me he's upset... though for a while he got real good at it and I almost thought id have to break up. but I'm learning and were communicating a lot better. and things are going really well. Partly bc we barely see each ither due to conflicting schedules so I fet since from him without having to say I need it but also bc I love him :-)

    We've been together nearly a year. We live together. So I guess it went well:-)

    • Oh so sorta like my situation, in the sense that one made the move and the other kind of shut them down? I'm glad you guys are working out!! So you're basically saying to just go for it and if it works out, then itl work out? :)

    • Yes. Go for it:) going for it just lets you know whether or not it's going to work - earlier rather than later.


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  • Nah, I am sort of a coward in the matters of luuuv.

  • Hmm *grabs passport* I'm thinking about it.. Will see how we go (him and myself) but it could likely happen to turn out that way.. 😱😳

    I've always made that move on the guy if he wouldn't make the move first. I don't mind.. I want someone to be able to make the move on me first though 😫

    • I know what you mean haha! It'd be nice if someone made a move on me that I like d

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    • What was his first move? The guy I like kissed me at a party, but we were both tipsy so I didn't really take it as a hint in him liking me so now were at a weird stage bc were both shy and ugh I shut him down again by accident so now its just like wtf

    • He talked to me, it wasn't like a hi how are you my name is blah blah blah, he managed to talk about a conversation I was having with other people and he kind of talked to me about it.. Lol like straight into the deep end already.. 🙈 and we carried on from there..

      Omg how did you manage to shut the poor guy down? 🙈 omg

  • Yeah what girls hasn't?
    How does it go, The guy chases the girl till she catches him.

    • Hahah, what do you mean? Like the guy will initiate and then the girl will continue it basically?

    • It's just a saying.
      We like to be chased by the right guy, at least I do.

  • Definitely! I had to chase my current bf just as much as he had to chase me. Lol, silly games.

    • Aw really? Mind telling me about it hehe, i'm kind of going through something right now and we're just going back and forth because we're shy ahhhh

    • Girl you gotta make a move! It can be discreet if you're shy, trust me, I'm the definition of quiet! It took us years of back and forth for the timing and courage to work out right for us though. I hope it doesn't take that long for you guys!

    • Ahh, okay. Thank you!!