Should I have a bf in High school?

[I know my profile says 18-24]

I'm a freshman and every one from middle school is growing up and having boyfriends and I feel left or like there's something wrong with me. I want so badly not to care and to just be independent but its hard to see every one to happy. Is it even worth it to have a bf?


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  • There's nothing wrong with you trust me, plus relationships take time. Take my advice I am in a junior in high school and I started dating in middle school (6th Grade) I wish I had waited. Wait till your Junior year of high school. Don't rush yourself into trying to fall in love or getting a boyfriend because you'll just end up getting hurt like I did but I've healed. Boyfriends aren't everything in high school and a lot of them aren't really mature either. You can be friends with a guy, take small steps. Just because you like a guy and you want to be in a relationship with him doesn't mean you have to rush yourself. Relationships take a lot of time, and effort as well. I dated throughout my Sophomore year and then suddenly my grades began to drop and I struggled to pull them back up but I made it. Its not really worth it, they are immature and some of them just want one thing, not all just some. Save your time and wait till you are ready to have a boyfriend. A lot of them are just immature and don't know what they want in a girl of course or a young women. Save your breathe for someone who actually cares about you and shows that they love you and doesn't just say it with words. Please take my advice, looking back I wish I had started dating in high school at least my junior year. You are only a freshman you will meet a ton of guys and make a ton other friends in high school. Make close friends, guy friends, and just start small and work your way up. Being friends with a guy first is another thing, don't rush so quickly into a relationship.


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  • I didn't have a gf until senior year of high school. Now in retrospect, I kinda wish I didn't have a gf at all! Even though I learned a lot, relationship-wise, I feel that if I went into college with the right attitude of school, Id be better off and have a gf by now!

    For you, I recommend studying hard and getting good grades and focusing on school. Get into a good college! I know it seems far off but high school will be over before you know it and college is amazing! Out of this world!!


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  • Don't rush things. Take your time.

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