I'm scared about someone actually being attracted me to as more than a friend?

I've never dated in high school, i didn't approach guys and nor did they approach me... so i never got attention like my friends did and didn't really go through the whole boy experience. I'm shy, and i over think a lot... and i'm self-conscious.

But there's this guy who liked me enough to kiss and then make out with me at a party we went to.. and like it's been 3 months since i met him and we're both shy so things have been going a bit choppy/slow (mainly all my fault) and like i just dont know what im doing. I shut down around him and get quiet, avoid his eye contact and i get really awkward. He isn't much of a texter, and when i thought whatever we had going on was done (since we didn't talk to each other for a month almost) he sent me a text saying that it's been a while, we should catch up and another one stating that he thought of me as he drove past my city.

He's been giving me all these signals, and it took me a while to realize it and it's taking me even longer to do anything about it bc im scared ill disappoint him with myself since we still dont really know each other, and that it'll just be awkward or something? I'm not used to expressing my feelings and I've never experienced this before. What do i do?


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  • Well there's not much you can do really, except try and express yourself. I know you said you're not experienced in this kind of situation, but this the part where you have to just give it a shot. Have you ever given it some thought that maybe he's nervous about this whole thing too? He probably is, the point is you have to at least try.

    • I've thought about it a lot. I probably wrecked his confidence when i broke off from us making out, and then confused him more when i didn't talk or look at him at lot when we did see each other. Some days i'd be fine talking to him and still get shy, but then he'd do something that would completely throw me off and it was just back and forth... and it doesn't help that id only see him once a week and then when i would try to text him he'd be the one to stop replying over all.. and like he never initiated anything like to hang out or whatever so i didn't think he liked me. I guess i just gotta put myself out there and just do something right?

    • Yes, that is the most you can do. If push comes to shove you may just have to confront him openly on it if you think you have to. But still try to talk to him and see if it works.

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