I really care for this lady advice please?

so I met this lady with 3 kids on pof last year this time. We excamge number and started to talk everyday. The relationship really developed into a great friendship. Before you know it 2, 3,4 months go by. She starts to really fall for me when she has never even met me. She use to always say os it possible to miss someone you never met. That shit made me feel special. I told her I know you like me but I need to get my life together. I don't want to give you 75 percent of me I want to give you 100 percent. She knew I had a had gambling issue where o was going through. I lost 37000 in 6 months. It got so bad I was sleeping on my friends couch for 2 months. Through all this she still wanted to be with me. Me and her have a good friendship. We are really never mad at each other and if we are we never go to bed mad. So 9 months pass and I still haven't met her she still text me all day. So we finally met in October the date went great we laughed and kissed. it was a good date. So I went to home and she did to. Through the next week we talked a lot nothing has changed. I tried to set stuff up but and her schedule is so different so it's really hard. So are friendship really just continued. I should of really made my move but I was still holding back my feelings. So recently I tried to make a move and she was like devin I'm really over it at the moment. I waited for you forever and then you told me you went one date since I met you. I told her that was fair enough I respect it. So are friendship contined and she still texted me everyday. So I let are friendship be. So I was going to send flowers to her this Friday . Then I seen a dude on instgram. So I asked her about it she told me it was her good friend who wanted a relationship wirh her. She told me she wasn't really for all that cause she don't trust no man. I got into my feelings a little while talking to her. I was really jealous which I usually don't show. We didn't argue but it w


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  • Sounds like she hasn't been telling you the truth. Probably met someone else, or could have just been doing the same thing with other guys as she has been with you.

    It's very easy long distance to hide stuff. She may just want to keep you as long distance only for whatever reason.

    Either way you need to tell her she needs to get honest. If there is still no honest explanation or reason just move on. She's either crazy or lying.

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