I'm not sure what to do?

So I recently told this girl from my volunteering that had a crush on her and she said she liked me back. So we started texting and stuff and when I was about to ask her out, she started talking about how it was going to be complicated since we live a bit far from each other. Every time I try to tell her she's pretty or even when I try to show affection like "I love you" she might reply with something like "same". I know she likes me, but she never shows it. Is she just being shy or something? What should I do? Am I just being over dramatic and maybe this is all in my head? Any help would be greatly appreciated :D.


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  • If the person doesn't take the effort to say I love you I feel like maybe she's not completely into the relationship. Saying same is almost like she is avoiding saying that she loves you so you should discuss this with her because your relationship could be in trouble.


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  • It sounds like she's distancing herself from whatever feelings due to the perceived difficulty of distance. She thinks it will be a problem, so she refuses to get involved.


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  • Im with @Tirana
    Seems like she is holding you at arms length just incase. seems like she's the logical thinker and you are the emotional one... did a little flip flop thing on the genders lol. Distance counts in relationships, you are overlooking it, she's not. I do believe she likes you... well.. if she admitted it.