Guys, what are the small things that girlfriends do that make you fall in love with them all over again?

Hey, just out of curiosity, what are the small things that girlfriends do, that make guys fall in love with them all over again? You know, when your heart melts?


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  • Every time I hear my wife's voice, she cuddles up next to me and try's to hang on to me like a little adorable leechy, when she is all rolled up in blankets like a little wife burrito, when I catch her changing clothes and she acts all shy about it even though we have been married forever, how she always try's to please me no matter what she's doing, how she makes me strive to be a Better person for her, when she beats me up bc she can't contain her love for me and needs to unleash it on me, hen she try's to be the big spoon when we cuddle even though she is so much smaller than me, when she gets engrossed in her reading and try's to get me to read the books she loves, when we have a convention and I see how well we mesh on an intellectual level, ah there are just so many little things that make her so damn perfect she is literally a goddess and I don't know how I got lucky enough for her to be mine


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  • I think guys like spontaneity just as much as girls. An unexpected gift, kiss, extra sex, etc that is out of the norm all make me love my GF even more.

  • i don't know about melting hearts, but it does make me smile when my gf reaches for my hand, or is clueless about something... its just..(i hate this word)... cute.


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