What are reasons why a guy would give the cold shoulder to a girl he supposedly loves?

What are reasons why a guy would give the cold shoulder to a girl he supposedly loves?


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  • 1) She's pissed him off royally, including:
    2) Lying
    3) Giving him the cold shoulder
    5) Hiding something important
    6) Revealed something private to someone else
    7) Violated his trust in some other way

    8) She's not given him something he wants (sex, attention, food, or some other item) despite his expectation that she is to provide it

    9) He has his own problems and his way of dealing with it is to shut her out instead of taking it out on her

    10) He is using it purposefully as a tool to manipulate her emotions and get some sort of response - an emotional reaction or action on her part. Could be attention-seeking, could be "bitch make me a sandwich"

    11) Could be signalling the end of the relationship for any reason above, or simply is moving on / found someone else / lost interest

    • Well.. I don't think it's 11.. And I hope it's not 10..

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  • He wants to give you his heart but feels that you're going to shatter it into a million pieces. He knows what's right and his love is legitimate, but he's having doubts about whether or not you feel the same for him. Such a conflict makes it hard to keep one's poise, intense emotions are seeping through the cracks, and the easy thing to do is to act tough like you can't hurt him. In reality, you're the only one on this planet that can.

    This might not be true for him, it's just true for me.

    • How do I show him that it's okay to open up again? :(

    • Let him know you're willing to listen to what he has to say. No arguing.

    • Okay

  • to make u want him more, this way ull make more effort to be noticed

    • I'm feeling like i'm now making more effort than him.. :(

    • did u screw him in any way possible?

    • No?

      Brthfjdchsfgshort answer bullshit

  • Because she did him wrong.

    • What are ways she could have done him wrong?

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    • Seriously? -.-

    • There are infinite scenarios that can lead to conflict. Are you asking me personally why I'm ignoring a particular girl? If so, which girl?

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  • Our women's intuition normally tells us he probably has something to hide.

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