He Didn't believe I was a virginand told me I probably do this often, what's up with that?

I met this really sweet looking guy a couple of times and we've been talking for about 4weeks now a week ago I stayed over at his plaace thing were getting pretty hot and I told him I'm not going to sleep with him he said"ityourne not a vorgin though right" i said i am aand he was schoked and didn't believe me and said I can tell when a girl is I asked him what is he basing this on and why didn't he believed me and he said it was because of the way I kiss and act, i told him that i really dont do this often and i really dont , he didn't seem to believe this either and said c'mon yoire so beautiful you probably find your self in this situation oftenam I supposed to be flattered or offended? Does he think I'm a slag and that's why he'd been talking to me?


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  • This has happened to me, well not over being a virgin or not, but I told the guy I was dating that I'd never had a one night stand and I take my time with things. He didn't believe me for ages. I wasn't offended. I knew the truth, so was kinda like believe what you like. Anyway, I've got to know him much better. His judgement wasn't a personal one based on me, he just honestly thought all girls my age slept around. Obviously that's his experience and what he's been surrounded with. Don't take it personally and if he thinks your a good kisser take it as a compliment. At the end of the day, you know the truth. Stick to doing what you're happy with and what you want. TRUST ME!!! Guys respect you way more for it and especially long term (even if the might whinge a bit). Know what you want and don't be swayed by anyone else :-)


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  • Perhaps not a "slag" as such, but a "non-virgin" apparently.

    It may be he's been lied to about this before, (hence his being upset), and you really do behave like the more experienced women he's known.

    From the way you've described what he's said, it appears that he wasn't trying to flatter or offend you, he was just trying to get the truth for himself.


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