Awesome date, calls the next day, texts before he leaves state to go home, asks me to follow up with him, never heard from him again... what happened?

I met this guy during the summer at a party. We instantly clicked. He was visiting family for a couple days before he went back to where he was stationed (he is in the service.) We talked all night and I gave him my number. He left and I received a call the next day. He left a voicemail saying that he wants to continue talking.. I ignored this out of respect because I was dating someone else at the time. About a month ago, I receive a text that he is coming back to visit around Christmas for a couple days. I am no longer dating anyone so I thought this was a great time to reconnect. When the time comes, we hang out and have an amazing time. He was totally into me and I was totally into him. He even discussed that he wanted me to visit him where he was stationed and talked future with me. He called me the next day and even texted me at the airport before he left. He texted me saying that he was super attracted to me and asked if I wanted to follow up with him and if I was game to do so.. I responded yes. And I have not heard from him since.. I even texted him on new years and I never received any call or text back. I am confused to why he would ask me to continue talking to him then all the sudden stop talking to me? I could see if I hooked up with him, but all we did was kiss. He respected me and told me we can wait to go further with the physical stuff..


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  • Honestly I wouldn't think too much into it because you never know why he did it. It could be a ton of reasons and you would never know. Your in the same spot as I am. Dated a girl for 2 weeks and everything was perfect she tells me things are going to fast and she is scared because she just got out of a serious relatinship 4 monthes ago, she wanted to be friends and I say yes and now she is ignoring me haven't talked to her in since Christmas. I know what your doing.. Trying to figure out why he never responded, if you did anything wrong or said anything wrong. Truth is... You did everything right. It's his loss. Now just ignore him if he responds to you that's awesome but if not he isn't worth your time.

    • thank you for your response, I try to be positive about it but I just find it funny because if he wasn't interested, why did he CALL the next day and text me before leaving to ask if we could continue whats going on... I know if I am not interested I wouldn't bother doing what he did. I guess time will tell.. as for your situation.. i recommend you let it go or your just being a rebound. It happened to me over the summer, find someone who is ready to move on. I know it sucks, believe me!

    • And that is what I keep telling myself. If I'm with her now I'm just a rebound and will get hurt worse in the end. So really she is doing me justice by not talking to me. You think I whoukd at least stay in contact with her? But yah that is kinda funny, he is showing all the signs of being interested now he is ignoring you.. Unless maybe he is dating another girl now. Who nows. All I know is if I'm interested in a girl and I show those kind of signs and I finaly get my chance of dating her I'm going for it and not back down. But who knows.

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  • I think he might be playing too hard to get or he is trying to get back at you for not responding to him.

    • When we hung out the other night I told him my reasoning for not responding to him over the summer which was because I was dating someone else. He understood and actually told me that he figured that what was going on. So its hard for me to believe thats the reason.. but who knows.

    • then he could always be playing too hard to get. My guy is doing that

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