Spending time separately at party?

So this guy I'm seeing brought me to his friend's housewarming party this weekend... was lots of fun- drinks food and awesome people. The only thing is.. we hung out together for the first couple of hours and we kind of ended up going separate ways? He went off to socialize with a bunch of others for the rest of the night and I was left to mingle with others. So I wasn't exactly left alone, because i did enjoy chatting with new friends- but I did feel a bit isolated because he barely rejoined or checked in with me after. I also didn't want to be like a puppy and follow him around cause of course he should definitely be free to catch up with old friends etc.

At one point a guy asked me how i knew the host, and I said "I came with Justin". He got surprised and said "Seriously? I haven't seen you guys talking all night!" Of course I laughed that one off.. but I just got a bit confused by his behaviour.. was he ignoring me or am I overreacting?


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  • No he came with you. He should have been with you. Sure for him to walk away and catch up with someone for a bit is normal, but I would have thought he would have come back to check on you between those moments, introduce you to different people, and also enjoy spending time with you.

    A bit fishy yes. I would as him.

  • He wasn't ignoring you. A point of being at a party is being social. Should he have checked up on you more? Probably. But honestly, I doubt he was making it a point to avoid you. Don't worry about it!


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