Is this why he's still single at 41?

This older guy I was flirting with for 4 months seemed so chilled and funny at first. I really liked him, he would mention 'what if we were married' a lot which scared me a bit but I just took it as he's talking hypothetical and he's older so he wants to settle down. After a while he started getting very jealous and i'd always have to justify myself to him. He wouldn't justify himself to me. He reads things out of context then he'll call shouting at me, i'm very timid and i'll try to explain but he'll put the phone down whilst i'm trying. A few days ago he read something completely out of context. He said he's had enough, goodbye. .. i explained it was a compliment but he hasn't spoken to me since. He's ignored me. I feel everything is my fault. I hate that I still want him. I find myself sending multiple messages and being ignored. Yet when i leave him and start to get over him he'll contact me out of the blue! He's 41 and seems to want to get wed so do you think his petulance and short fuse could be why he's single? That it's him, not me? (I'm in my late 20's by the way... my age is wrong)


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  • BINGO! i suspect that he has some issues. It isn't you and I would let him go. I am sorry. It sucks.


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  • Yeah, something is wrong. Can you really see yourself with him for many years dealing with that? I don't think so. Just back a way from him like so many other girls have in the past.

  • Yup more than likely, he sounds like a complete knob.

  • When you mean writing, you mean on this website?
    I dont really understand the relationship you two share, you mean you dont live together or near each other? Have you ever met?

    • We haven't yet met. He's a friend of a friend. By writing i meant via text message or Facebook messenger.

  • still single as in how? been single for many years?

    • Single as in not married yet he really wants to be and has had tons of relationships that didn't last long

    • How long was his longest relationship?

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