How to keep things going if we just started hanging out, after two dates, with distance?

He was persistent and asked me out on a date. We had a lot of fun together. We already hooked up a month ago and had sex then. I have known him for about a year, but we recently just started talking. We then hung out again and just stayed in watched movies and got pizza and had a great time. We have been talking a lot and have lots in common and are super attracted to one another. But the problem is that Im going back to school today so we will be about 2 hours away. Since its so new and we only hung out twice, Im not sure where things will go. I do like him. How can we keep things going even if its so new with the distance?


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  • You guys have to plan on when to see each other and things like that so you have something to look forward to. additionally with Skype or social sights today you will have lots of ways to stay connected. You just have to work to make it happen and not let other things creep in.

    Additionally you can do things "together" like for instance if yo both work out. You work out at the same time even if not at the same location. You can send one another texts during the session "Finished first set, kicked my tail!" Anyway, it doesn't have to be working out, but it can be things like that let you feel a little connnected.

    Good luck!


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