Would you date a like-minded person? Or prefer the opposite type?

Just wondering about you guys. Also, can like-mindedness be a sign of a possible chemistry/compatibility with the other person?

Recently, over time i found that one of my female friends has so much like mindness as me, it almost feels like chatting with a female equivalent of me! I even told her about my observation and it seemed like she liked it that I pointed it out, said she thanked me for that. Good or bad sign?


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  • I prefer the opposite type. Then me and the guy woudl have a lot more to talk and debate about

    • That girl and I have the same level of intelligence and a lot of similar thought processes and we could chat for hours on just about anything. What I meant is that we could read and understand each other but we still have differences like one being more outgoing than the other and have mostly different hobbies but a few similar ones as well. Thanks for the reply though!

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  • Most people like slight opposites in terms of hobbies etc but mirror images in terms of politics and demeanour.

    • That girl I know, we are different when it comes to hobbies and social life but basically the same when it comes to intelligence, views on life, politics etc. Good or bad?

    • Brilliant. Match made in heaven I'd say :)

  • depends. If he knows nothing about what i do (art) that would suck.


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