Would any women give a guy another chance after almost a year of not talking for the following reason?

I was supposed to go on a date with a few women but I did not because it was out of the way for me and I wanted to find a job closer to where they are (NYC) before I did, as it would just not be feasible for me to make a pretty annoying and pricy commute to see someone without having a job there. Anyway, they lost patience with me, and so we just stopped communicating, but it bothers me and I am hoping to have a job there soon, and when I do I am going to tell them that my life was a mess and I have my job stuff straightened out and I will be near where they are a lot so I want to ask for another chance to meet and go out with them... so if it was you would you be understanding and give someone you wanted to meet before another chance?


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  • Never in a month of Sunday's! Good luck though

    • Why not?

    • You lived without me for a year. My gift would be to let you live the next 50 without you in my life. Excuses are just that.
      Mind you most women are easily manipulated so you will probably work your magic.

  • Most definitely if I was really into you! Is there one particular girl or several you doing that for?

    • Well, there are two in particular... although one I was slightly more interested in than the other. Hoping at least one says yes :/

    • YOu should make the most effort toward the one you are most interested in. Otherwise, it will just come off to both girls as half-hearted. Believe me, girls are in tune that kind of thing. Everything depends on how much effort you show for her. Because remember she already feels kind of rejected by you. Good luck!

    • No. It's more like they lost patience with me... :/

      Well, IF I could meet both, I would... and obviously I'd only pursue the one I liked more. There's no harm meeting two people if I can. But like I said... who knows if even one will give me a chance... or if it's too late. I don't know. :/

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