She doesn't talk to me as much I ask het if she doesn't want to talk anymore she avoids the question? Is she confused on who she wants?

she told me right now focus on you?
*Note* WE ARE ON WINTER BREAK RIGHT NOW. So this girl who has a long distance relationship with a guy who always fuss with her i ask her if she is in love she says no had high intrest in me we kissed a couple times she drove miles to see me once... we slept on the phone with eachother she said i make her forget she has a boyfreind she even said the love triangle won't last long and eventually she will leave him for me she said we just need to spend time together. Then BOOM all of a sudden a week later she stop talking to me then she resumes after i say im trying so hard to forget about you then i sent a poem about her choosing mr. old or mr. new saying mr. new wants to change her life (im mr. new) i ask het how she feels she said "mmmm I don't know.. im not comfortable with tellinh my feelings right now.. then she stops texting and goes missing again i ask her on instagram "you dont want to talk to me anymore? She never gives an answer i ask her "where do we stand" i still get the silent treatment... i later found out her boyfreind just moved to the same state Florida he lives in Orlando she stays in Miami... I think she is confused on who she wants and is focused on him right now and stopped talking to me because she isn't the type to not be honest if she didn't want to talk anymore she would say so she is just ignoring me now.


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  • Honestly, I think you should not get your hopes up about her leaving him. People rarely leave their boyfriend/girlfriend for someone else. She seems to just be playing you and stringing you along and that's not right. I think you should try to move on and find someone who is single and can be more available to you. It's probably best to not get anymore invested in this girl because that's just setting yourself up to get hurt.


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