Does this make me the worst person ever?

So there's this guy I've been seeing for a month now- he is really into me, I'm not sure if it's absolutely genuine or if he's just very needy. I was really for it in the beginning, but I can't help but not feel the very same way anymore. I'm 24, he's 26. I've tried calling it off twice already, but can't bear hurting him, he's almost gotten teary-eyed. He is a great guy, but I've been unintentionally thinking about the guy I dumped for him, and i feel like I'm mentally cheating on him, but can't help thinking about the first guy.

This guy's a sweetheart, but I don't think I could see myself with him in the future, but can't bear hurting him. I talked to him and told him that I don't want to be exclusive, we are moving way too fast for just one month, and that we should just get to know each other. Is it terrible of me to be thinking about the guy I was talking to before him? I do like this guy, but I don't think I'm on the same emotional page that he is on anymore.


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  • What you need is a break.
    Tell him that you need time to yourself. I like honesty and even when it sux.


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