Does it make a guy more interested or less interested when they see that other guys are hitting on a girl they are interested in?

Me and this guy have expressed feelings for each other but he isn't ready for a serious relationship so we are taking things very very slow. However it always seems like he's more attentive when he sees other guys hitting on me or he sees other guys on my Facebook. Does it make a girl more interesting when they know other guys are after her?


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  • I think girls who play the jealousy game, are immature, so no, it wouldn't make me more interested. Real women, don't play games. Real men don't either

    • Well its not a game. I don't initiate anything nor do I reciprocate. I can't help it if guys come and hit on me.

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    • So you have to ask yourself... why are you still single?

    • You're making absolutely no sense. Lol.

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  • yep I guess so cauze it's more like a human nature than a guys thing.. I mean all humans will want the thing the most when they feel it will be taken from them

  • It makes me less interested. If flirting is reciprocated. Makes me feel as though I'm not as special to them as I thought I was.

    • Well the flirting is not reciprocated. I mean I'm nice but I don't flirt with them back. I feel like that's disrespectful if I'm interested in seeing this guy

    • Oh I'm sure he is just letting you know that he is really interested in you. That should make you feel good. Just because it's more obvious when you talk to other guys it doesn't mean that he feels any less when you're not

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