My boyfriend lives in Las Vegas, and I want to see him and he does too but doesn't have time and I do. Should I go see him or not?

We have been talking for over 2 months and i really like him and he likes me too but he's a manager so he hardly gets time off , so i dont know if i should fly over to Vegas or just wait.. i need your guys help!


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  • You've been talking for 2 months, I'm guessing you've never met in person. He's not your bf, he's your pen pal. You want to fly across the country to see a stranger. That sounds... smart?

  • You really like him? When you have never met huh? very strange lol. I get thay after talking your curious and he may of said all the right things but is he
    doing much else? No? he's made no effort to see you. Your getting excuses no doubt. Did you meet online. Sounds like a flake. Two months and no date?