Signs he isn't interested anymore?

1. We used to speak everyday
2. He's stopped initiating real conversations
3. Hadn't called in over a week
4. Only messaged me to ask where his phone case was last Monday
5. Messaged back on Tuesday to say he found it, I tried to continue the convo but it fizzled out
6. He texted me on new years eve to see if I was going out with my friends, we spoke for a little while
7. The next two days I messaged him and the conversation died, he seemed disinterested for some reason.

Ever since our last date he's been weird. I know he was expecting a kiss, but the timing wasn't right. On the way home he was cool, he offered to take me home. I got him to drop me off near my house because the road I live on is difficult to get too and would make his journey longer, it probably looked like I didn't want him to know where I lived... Right after the date he texted me and asked if I'm usually weird around guys I like, I said yes (this is me 24/7 and he knows this) he said he enjoyed spending time with me. This wasn't in response to anything I asked, he said it out the blue. So I thought it was genuine.

I know in no time I'll be over it. I just feel like I wasted so much time on him already. I rarely like anyone so yeah... what do you think?


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  • Yeah, I would drop him. Don't look at it like you did something wrong, maybe he just didn't feel a connection.


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  • Classic male disassociation thing you've just described. Let him go

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