Is he cutting contact because of the distance?

I met a guy over the holidays in my home town. We were both just back for a week but we saw a lot of eachother and told eachother we really liked eachother on the last night we spent together. There were even discussions of potential when he eventually returns (he is living in another country). We spoke for the day he was travelling and the day after. He didn't respond to my last message and after a few days passed I messaged him again and he didn't reply - why do you think this is?


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  • it could be that, but it could be phone issues if he has gone back to a different country.

    • but we were able to talk the day after he got back... or do you think I am expecting too much contact from someone who lives very far away?

    • ahh... well then. I have a saying "You do wha you want to do." If he wanted to make contact with you regularly, he would find a way to do it. So yes unfortunately, i think the two of you are not playing from the same page...

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