Is it weird if im not really interested in girls that much anymore?

Im gay. Im just kidding, lol if I was I would already had my answer, but I dont know I feel weird like I used to just be superficial just to attract girls and recently I broke up with a girl but when I was with this girl I felt like myself like I didn't have to hide who I was, I guess you could say im still a bit stuck on her, but I don't know I feel empty now in a way I mean sure im still going about my life trying to be happy and improve myself but I don't know I mean I guess maybe I dont know what girls want in a guy anymore and I dont really feel the need anymore to be that kind of guy anymore I just feel like being alone I guess.. I don't know what do you gagers think?


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  • If you feel like being alone there's nothing wrong with that. I don't know why everyone has it in their minds that to go some where in life you need to be in a relationship. Take time to rediscover the things you're passionate about it in life. When you're ready to date again you'll know and then you'll have new interests to discuss with new women. Plus, when guys talk about things they're passionate about its swoon worthy. It's very attractive seeing a man that knows what he wants out of life.

    • Well lemme ask you what do girls mainly want in a "man"? Sry im just curious

    • I want someone who I can depend on above all else.
      I want someone who I can laugh with.
      Someone I can respect.
      Someone who loves me for my imperfections.
      Someone who i can share my hobbies with.
      But that's just me every girl probably has her lists, haha.

    • Hmm welp definitely gotta work on a lot of those things until then though im gonna be focusing on my education.

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  • yeah sometimes you just get emotionally dry after liking someone that much. i would say its normal to go through patches of non attraction.

    • Yea ur right thanks I just feel weird seeing as how I try to improve myself yet I feel like im getting no where in my life, I guess thats why my new years resolution is all about education.

    • yeah i went through it and its not fun but it kinda forces you to think about other things :)

  • Do what you want to do.
    I think nothing of it, it's not my life, it's yours.

    • True thanks for being honest

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