I want a boyfriend but I'm in love with someone else?

Long story short.. I'm lonely. I have excepted the fact that I am in love with a man I cannot be with right now but I want to move on.

Would it be wrong to date someone you know you will never commit to fully? Is it best to be honest about my intention.. Which is to just occupy my time with someone else in the meantime?

Is this a terrible idea?


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  • Their called "rebound relationships" just don't take it to far and your fine.

    • I just don't like the idea of being deceitful. I'd prefer to be honest about it but I'm not sure anyone would go for a relationship they know has no future.

    • Well don't just go out in public and say "that one" find someone you actually enjoy being around and generally like on that level. Try a date or two and if you still don't see it panning out then make it obvious then. No stringing along and it can help.

      Just an idea.

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  • Yes it is. Think about how hurt you would be if the love of your life just dated you out of convenience. I know it's hard when your heart is consumed by someone else, but lying to someone and telling them your heart is theirs when it really is someone else's will not only hurt them.. But you as well. You will feel like a giant piece of shit later. In the end you are only dating the other guy to fill your own hurt. And it won't work.

    In short you are hurting it sucks and drink scotch until it doesn't hurt anymore. Then quit drinking and date ;)


    • I wish I could forget that easily but it's just not something I can do. I'll never not be in love with him.

      I never intended on lying. I just wondered if it was ok to be that upfront with someone you want to date. Can anyone have a relationship that is intimate, friendly, monogamous, but has no lasting future?

    • Watch when Harry met Sally

  • You'd string someone along, because you don't want to be "bored," then drop them until you're dream man becomes available to you...

    You're boyfriend deserves better than that, & you know it. You tell him the truth, he'll be done. String him along, you'll crush him. That's so fucked up, I can't even...

    Quit being selfish & let your boyfriend go find someone who'll actually do right by him.

    • *re-read... Nevermind, I'll assume you're not using anyone, at the moment. Apologies.

      It's called a rebound. It happens. Casual dating works too. And you may move on & be over the other guy, in time. Heal, than try dating again.

    • What exactly is the definition of a rebound? I mean, I've heard the expression but I'm not one that's frivolous with love and emotions. I would prefer a willing participant. Deception is not something I am capable of. How would a rebound fit the mold?

    • Rebound relationships happen sometime after a break up. It's just another relationship. You're with someone to "help" get over someone else. And they very rarely last. Personally, I just recommend casual dating, as you can be honest upfront about what you need, & they're less messy than rebounds, in my experience.

  • Never date to "occupy your time". Not cool

    • Even if you're honest with the other person? I can't stay single forever.

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