Should he come to my party?

Hey everyone! I have been dating this guy for two months we hang out at my house all the time we go out for dinner and all that other stuff, he's met my grandmother (most important person in my life) but now I have a birthday party coming this Friday and he wants to come because he feels there will be guys there trying to talk to me and he said he wants to make sure they don't we're not official they'll be more females there than males and A lot of my family will be there. I've never been to his house met his friends or any of his family. He says his house is "hectic"And that I wouldn't want to go there because of his mom and siblings. Should I let him come to my party?


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  • Well, you're not official but he's met your grandmother? I'd take him. See how he gets along with the rest of your family. His family might just be overbearing - mine's that way

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