Casual Dating: do you know the rules?

People seem to have varying opinions on the rules to casual dating. I recognize one consistent one: You each are free to see other people even though your going out together some of the time. There's a second one that many feel is the proper thing to do: let the other person know you are casually dating (often in some less than overt way).

It's time to weigh in.
So what are the rules to casual dating?

As pointed out to me (thank you @shadowlegend), "the rules" vary by person / couple. So the *real* question is, What are your rules to casual dating?


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  • I will say im a PRO when it comes to casual sex I've ne er got attached to anyone and im just thinking to have a little fun. So here some of my rules
    1., not calling or texting to say hi or to ask something just call or text to fuck.
    2; dont think the other person will take you seriously so do not get attached.
    3; do not stay overnight just fuck and go.
    4; casual sex is not for everyone so if you see the other person is getting confused and is thinking that you and him/her are exclusive remove yourself from that situation and stop answering text or calls.
    5; be honest, explain to your partner that this is just going to be a casual thing none strings attached if they agree fine if you think they will get feelings towards you just fuck them once and leave.
    6; have fun... thats what casual sex is for you get yours and I get mine.

    • 7; explain that you're free so tell him/her that everyone is free to fuck whoever you guys want, and that dramas are not allowed.

    • That's a healthy list! Up front and minus emotion. I would say some can accomplish that and some can not. Part of the list discourages any build up of the notion that there's anything more than sex and another part of it is to cut things off if you sense anything going beyond sex. Essential components, I believe.

    • Thanks :)

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  • The "rules" need to be discussed by the two people dating. You need to express what you are comfortable with and ask the things that you want to know, and decide what you want to do.

    • I really like this answer - communication (key to *any* type of successful relationship). I'm going to update my question. Thanks!

  • I didn't know there was rules to dating...

    • (c:

      ... well, I suppose I'm asking how everyone handles dating in "non committed mode". Which makes me think of another situation that I'm going to post as a follow-up question.

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