You are ready to make your relationship a committed one. What made you decide? How did you ask when talking to your significant other?

What drives you to change from going out and having fun (either with one person or more than one) to committed to a relationship with them? How did the conversation go when you made this choice? What were your expectations after the switch to a committed relationship? We're they realized? How did your relationship change (or did it)?

Of course you are right. Anyone that is "separated" is definitely someone I would ordinarily not date (too much going on) - that's an even higher level of challenge from "recently divorced". I didn't learn this lesson soon enough. When you find someone you really care about, it's not easy to walk away. ... but at some point something will have to change. Right now, I will enjoy what I have.
... meant that to be a response to an opinion not an update to the question. /c:


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  • So many questions grass hopper ☺️
    But I suppose tge feeling of not wanting to lose that person and being over the moon content with that person

    • Ah, yes, lots of questions. I was in a committed relationship for ~17 years. Before that I was a 3 date person - I dated one person at a time and knew no later than the third date if I wanted it to continue. At that point it was time to either commit or move on. I tried that after returning to the dating world. For the most part it has applied. Yet I met someone that wanted to casually date until they decide to be in a committed relationship. Trouble is, I knew by date one. Six months later I'm back to questioning how long is too long to wait. ... I still feel like date one, though. ... so I'll probably wait quite a while longer, even if it's the stupid thing to do.

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    • Personally I'd stay away from someone who is recently divorced. It take time to him/her to be truly ready for another relationship. Your call though

    • apparently I updated the question rather than responding to you...

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  • I never dated to have fun. I have always been one who considered relationships to automatically be serious. Even at a very young age I didn't date to have fun. I dated to find a spouse. Which is weird considering I was like 13 when I decided that was the purpose of dating :p

    With my current relationship we went through the "unofficial" nonsense before actually dating. When we went on our first date we both knew that it was going to be a very serious relationship.

    At 6:30 I picked him up (I asked so I drove/paid) for a 7:00 dinner and then aN 8:00 dance and by 8:30 we were official and very serious.

    So there really wasn't a change because we jumped right in to a serious monogamous relationship.

    • I can appreciate that. Prior to a failed ~17 year marriage, I believed the same. I wouldn't normally consider this alternative, but dated her before realizing that's what she wanted. It was sort of like how drug dealers give kids free samples - by the time I knew what was going on, I was hooked. When I found out I tried to stop, but couldn't. I'm addicted. /c:

      ... now I either embrace it or figure out how to rehab myself. (c;

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