Need guy advice... as usual. Guys HELP!!! or girls! I'll take advice from both! Help?

So there's this guy. I've known him for awhile (2 years) and he seems more interested now than he ever has. What are some signs I should look for that tell me that he's truly interested and what are some ways I can show him I'm interested. I'm really bad at showing how I feel and such... just a little extra info... we met at church about 2 and a half years ago. We've been really good friends for 2 years now and he didn't seem interested in me at first but here lately he's been more... I don't know how to explain it. Lol anyway, he's a great guy, super sweet and yeah! So I need help. I want to be absolutely sure before I take any steps forward although I'd love it if he'd make the first move


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  • If you like him, tell him, if you want to know if he is interested in you, then ask, unless you can both read minds.