The "Awkward Meeting": You are casually dating. When out on a date, you meet someone else you are also seeing. What do you do?

The scenario (or you can choose to answer based on any awkward dating meeting scenario):
* you've been causally dating and have been up front about with those you are seeing
* you've been dating someone for at least six months and/or at least eight dates
* the person you've been seeing for longer, you've found your self emailing and/or texting most every day
* you don't see anyone person more than once every two or three weeks

... now you are out on a date with someone relatively new (date two or three) and meet the person you have been getting more communicatively involved with - they are out with family. What do you do?


... now you are out with friends and meet the person you have been more communicative with on a date with someone else. What do you do?

In either circumstance, assume you *know* you each saw each other, regardless of whether or not you speak to one another.

Has this ever happened to you?
Darn, 'was hoping someone actually had sn experience-based opinion for this.


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  • I think you have a few options. 1. hide 2. say hello 3. wait to see what happens 4. Do nothing 5. Focus on your present date and explain yourself later. 6. choose the woman who is right for you.

    • For my part, this has never happened. I do not like casual dating but envision this as a possibility. If it were to happen during the initial stages of dating, I would say hiding is not something that would work for me. It's one reason why dating one person at a time is less complicated. I am wondering what others have done, though. It must have happened to some.

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    • I supposed your right.

    • Thanks for the MHO:)

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  • This usually only happens in movies...

    • I think if you date multiple people simultaneously, this can eventually happen. Especially if you have certain activities you like to do while dating and you get your date interested in them - say, for example, if they can do them with their kids when they aren't out with you.

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