Want some info about marriage costsAnyone from bosnia?

I'm thinking to marry from there i heard its cheap to marry from there and of cource they are beautiful would like to know how much it will cost me if I marred normal girl from there not rich not poor

And in general what they are looking for in men that will marry them? Money? Good personality? Or what

And sorry for my English not that good

And by the way Im asking about Muslim girls



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  • You don't even have a girl there yet and you're worried about costs? Why don't you take it one step at a time

    • Where's the pro if I worry about cost?

      For me I should worry about costs bcoz in my culture the family of the girl will ask for money to accept me as husband for their girl and the girl have no choise to change the amount of the money her father will ask for

      And I asked 5 girls to Marry me but their family ask for 15-20k I dont have that money and most family's will ask this money or even more

      The second solution marry divorced women it will cost 1k :) but i dont like

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