Is it safe to ask her out?

I've known this cutie since this past summer, when she started working at the grocery store I work at. She's really funny especially compared to most other girls and she's witty and intelligent and she's just a fun girl.

Anyway I really would wanna date her, but I've never asked anyone out before. Closest thing was another DIFFERENT female coworker (possibly rivalry?) said "we should get pizza after work" probably without thinking we actually would. So I called her when she got off work and we hung out just driving and walking around for like 3 hours.

Other than that, nothing.
So this cutie smiles at me a lot, I can usually just look at her and smile and she'll look at me and smile and sometimes turn red. She starts conversations more than I do, but its hard to converse with coworkers when trying to bag groceries. So I'm hoping she likes me back just based off the fact that we smile and laugh a LOT together, she doesn't really do that with the other coworkers, and one time she wanted me to confirm that I was her "favorite".

Does it seem like I should ask her out? If so, I work with her tomorrow night, and we get off at the same time. What should I say?



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